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Finding and working with good trail/pleasure horse prospects is my hobby. I do this for fun. The horses that I select as “for sale” prospects are the same horses that I would personally enjoy and be proud to own. They are sound, smooth to ride, appealing to the eye, and have a willing temperament. Ground manners are inventoried and any problems are corrected using natural horsemanship techniques. I work with these horses testing them in real life riding situations. This includes in the riding ring, automobile traffic, horse traffic, dogs, cattle, woods, water, and field.


If this is your first horse purchase or if you have purchased a horse in the past then you may be aware of what happens when you get home. First of all a new horse requires time to acclimate to its new environment which includes a new owner. Then you go thru the process of learning your new horse. Every horse is different. Most horses are purchased without any new owner orientation what so ever. This means that you have to figure out what your new horse likes or doesn’t like. So the communication process starts but you may be speaking a different language. It is an injustice to the horse and the new owner to not have the benefit of a smooth transition.


When you buy a horse from me, I will spend the time to help you partner with your new horse. We will go thru the process of “catching” the horse, grooming, saddling, and riding. This means you will have the benefit of what I know about the horse, how the horse has been ridden and how I have communicated with the horse. This includes getting the bit used for that horse. While this process is not absolute, it will help to insure the best opportunity for horse and rider to become partners earlier in the game.


Fred Lowry Jr.


  Baymount Farm - Our family-owned farm breeds top-quality Tennessee Walking horses that are beautiful and highly people-oriented. Their natural gaits and gentle dispositions result from their excellent breeding stock.
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