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Equine Remedies



As you know, colic can be caused by many things including diet change, stress, and parasites.  Regardless of the cause, when it happens, you have a horse emergency. For those of us that have spent late hours walking our horse there is an alternative that may be helpful.


Colic CP is a combination homeopathic made by Natural Creations for human infants with colic.  It also works on horses.  This is another natural remedy that should be part of your horse first aid kit.





Anyone that has horses has experienced fear related behavior.  This fear can be displayed by avoidance, escape, or aggression.  Aggressive behavior is sometimes not recognized as fear.  If you can not escape then the solution is to fight back.  Some horses have a greater propensity for behavior issues in new or different environments.  This may include the show ring or a field trial.  These behaviors are dealt with a various techniques including trust, trauma or drugs.


One highly effective alternative is Rescue Remedy.  Rescue Remedy is a combination product containing Bach Flower Remedies.  These remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach over 60 years ago and relate to emotional and mental imbalances.  Dr. Bach believed that attitude of mind plays an important role in maintaining health.  Bach Flower essences are a form of natural medicine.  I have used this remedy with great success on show and pleasure horses alike.  Rescue Remedy should be part of every horse first aid kit.

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