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Super Jazzy (4 year old TWH mare) went to Baymount Farm after 60 days of NH training elsewhere. She was a very, very volatile mare when I bought her and was just barely green broke. Even after her 60 days of training elsewhere she remained hostile and so spooky that we had mostly decided to sell her and take a loss - personal and financial.. We asked Sherry and Fred to take her, assess her for a week and either fix her or take her to auction. It was a heartbreaker but she was too much for our family. After Sherry worked with her she was like a different horse - her mind and heart opened up. She lost her hostility to work and much of the spookiness was gone. I am supplying a video link that has completely amazed everyone who knew Super Jazzy prior to Sherry's month with her. This was shot only a week after I got her back. Jazzy and I are working 4-5 days a week and having fun every day of it. She is now "soft," and remarkably more confident. To say she was difficult before is an understatement - she reared, bucked, bolted. Watch the video Jazzy Plays Soccer!



We also sent Midnight to Sherry at the same time for cart training only. Midnight is a rock solid TWH mare in her teens - no issues at all, she is close to perfect for our family. She had never driven before but I ground drove her twice in harness and she seemed fine.. Midnight spent 5 weeks with Sherry and she now drives like a pro. Sherry gave me a lesson driving Midnight in a beautiful Meadowbrook cart. Last week I took Midnight for her first drive on my farm and she was flawless. The video Midnight's First Drive illustrates the results best. This was the first outing on my little cart and the whole family was thrilled with this new way to enjoy our farm and horse.



Anyone wanting more from their horse should discuss training at Baymount Farm with Sherry. In my opinion she is exceptional in her craft and is 100% results oriented. She has also offered a great deal of insight and counsel for me in handling Super Jazzy and I believe meeting her allowed me to keep this beautiful and unique horse.


-John D , Lewisburg, NC


"I'm a fairly new rider and horse owner (1.5 years) who had no training other than the most basic lessons - how to tack up, get on, ride, and get off without hurting myself or my horse. I own a somewhat temperamental Polish Arabian horse and was looking for a second horse - a Tennessee Walker. After seeing how well their horses did, I not only purchased Sunny, but had Fred and Sherry transport my other horse (“Ergrand”) to Baymount Farm for a month of training and took riding lessons twice a week for about two months. First with Fred, to understand Sunny and how she was trained, and then the majority of them with Sherry to improve my own riding skills.


Not only is Ergrand a whole new horse - quiet, dependable, solid; but my riding is, well… I'm not even the same person as I was in the beginning. I see horses, as well as my own riding in a whole new light. They have really enlightened me as to what being a good horseman is all about.

And Sunny? She is the best horse a person could ask for. The owner of my stable watched us ride yesterday. He has a $15,000 horse and 50 years of experience. He was thoroughly impressed at the results - not only the improvement of my riding skills, but also at Sunny. He wondered aloud why he had spent so much money on a horse.


Forget "loads, stands for farrier" and all that basic stuff. This horse stands up to her belly in water, walks calmly beside an ATV, has been ridden and cart pulling when a big truck goes by without so much as looking at it. I do not tie her to tack her up. She will stand in one spot all day (due to Fred's field trials training) if needed, and works her butt off to please you.


I'm not going to lie - between my training, training my old horse, and transport, we spent several thousand dollars that we didn't intend to spend, and it put a bit of a strain on us. But these people have elevated my riding and understanding to a point that I didn't think I would be at for another 3-5 years.


These people are the "real deal". They will get you where you need to be, with the horse you need to be on, and they (the trainers and the horses) are worth every penny.


We have already decided that any horse we get in the future will go to baymount farms for a month to get the royal treatment."

- Rusty & "Sunny", Sherrills Ford, NC


"We could not be more thrilled with the purchase of Tradition's Heartbreaker from Fred Lowry and Baymount Farms. It is very obvious that Mr. Lowry spends a great deal of time working with his horses as she came to us with no vices or issues that need to be worked out like most horses purchased. She is a wonderful mare. We cannot wait to take her to a show or breed her next spring. Thank you for taking the time and effort to maintain and produce such an amazing girl. She has made a wonderful addition to our family and we love her to death! We would most certainly purchase any and all of our future horses from Mr. Lowry. Thanks!"

- Cris



"We can strongly recommend purchasing a horse from Fred Lowry, whether it be your first horse or the tenth.  With relatively no horse experience, we bought an older “schoolmaster’ from Fred, about a month ago.  He took a lot of time to make sure all who would be riding the horse knew at least the basics of how to deal with that particular horse.  He gave several riding lessons to my 11 year old daughter, in addition to showing us how to handle the horse on the ground.  Not just one time, but over about three weeks. 

He delivered the horse, and took time then as well to make sure we had a smooth transition with the horse coming to his new home. Then, recently, Fred called saying he had another horse we might be interested in.  We went over and instantly fell in love with the fairy like mare he had for sale.  She was not only beautiful, but had a great temperament, and was extremely gentle.  She has been with us for a week now, and is settling in nicely, thanks to the time Fred took with us to make sure we had all the information we needed to get a good start with her.  We have appreciated Fred’s honesty and patience with beginners like us.  He obviously loves his horses, and enjoys seeing a good match made between a horse and its new owners."


- Cathy W


"It has been a pleasure working with horse people like you at Baymount Farms in our purchase of Amos and Scout. I have been searching for the right horse for sometime and finally found the right place to look. You and Sherry were so helpful in finding out not only what I was looking for but making sure that's what I needed. Instead of just selling me a horse you took the time to listen, ask questions and ride with me to insure I was getting the right horse. In my search I have come to realize there may be no perfect horse on the planet to fit everyone; but I think I found the perfect horse for me. Thank you Sherry again for working with us the day we took Scout home. To get some lessons on a new horse before we took it home was so beneficial in beginning our new adventure together. Rest assured when the time comes to get another horse I will be calling you.

- Scott H

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