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Confetti has a new home!

Beautiful Arabian

Beautiful Arabian

Confetti came to us last year as a high strung Arabian mare that loved to be groomed and grazed but hated to be saddled and rode.  She tried every trick in the book to keep from having to work.  Some of her favorite tricks were to step aside quickly as you lifted the saddle on her back just to have the saddle land on the ground.  She is a very quick mover.  Another of her tricks was to clinch her teeth together so tightly that you just about had to pry her mouth open to get her to take the bit.  But after a few weeks of working her gently and teaching her that riding could be fun, she got over her temptation to be unwilling.

Confetti has turned out the be one of my best trail horses and you can see her video on  She is very calm on the trail and takes a very light tough on the reins.  Confetti wears a snaffle bit and goes western or english.  She loves the trails, crosses creeks, goes in the lake, over bridges, up and down hills easily and can be ridden by anyone.  I love to take Confetti out on the trails.  The one thing I don’t do as an older adult is to gallop her.  She will canter quietly, but she does love to gallop.  If you give her the rein she will certainly fly, as her recently new owner found out while giving her a try as a pre-purchase ride.  He wasn’t quite ready for her enthusiasm at a canter and got smacked on the behind with the saddle as she took off at full gallop.  But she quietly came back to a slow canter when asked and her new owner fell in love as she also quietly slowed to a calm walk and stood for him as we enjoyed a conversation about her training.  So happy trials to Confetti and her new boss!

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