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Training Trail Horses

I have been training trail horses going on 17 years now and have always been rather surprised at the ability these animals have shown. Training can be such a rewarding experience for both trainer and student (the horse). I used to be just an instructor and trained only my own personal trail horses and those of my children. However, I started taking in public horses of all breeds this summer.

One of the best times I have had all summer is while I am riding a young horse and watching it become a more experienced and confident mount for its owner. Small techniques such as moving off ones leg can make the horse so much more confident and fun to ride. Stopping when it feels the rider sit deep in the saddle rather than having the rider haul on its mouth for a whoa is calming for horse and rider.  Anything I can teach the horse builds confidence in it and then to be able to teach the owner what those cues are just cements the bond between the two.

I am always open to suggestions and continue taking lessons myself and educating myself with classes and research on how to be a better trainer.  There are lots and lots of trainers, information and advice and it is important to find the techniques that work best for oneself.  Incorporate what you learn from others into your own style and you will be the best equine owner you know.

Should you have questions or need help, please search out my website at and email me.

Please have a great experience with your equine friend and have a safe ride.   Sherry

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