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It has been such a long time since I have posted anything.  I have been super busy on the farm here working with my horses, etc.  But spring has sprung, summer is just around the corner and we are getting busier than ever here.  Thought I would write a few lines and let everyone know how well Seranade is doing for us. 

For anyone reading my blog for the first time; Seranade is the thoroughbred I purchased last year to add to our collection of horses.  She was very underweight and a little scared.  She was slightly fearful of trailers and looked around a lot.    But she never bucked, bit or did anything dangerous, she is much too sweet for that.   After a time and with the help of a wonderful trainer here in Stateville, NC, Jennie Dipple  I have been able to work with her gently and regularly to bring out her best.

Seranade, formerly known as Our Sister Gina on the tracks, has gained all her weight back and become quite a robust sort of mare.  She is gentle as a lamb, and a beautiful mover.  I wish you could see her, so I will post soon a video of her.  I am quite impressed with her.  I have been learning dressage on her.  And needless to say, she knows more than I do at this time, but I am learning and having a wonderful ride.  We have taken her out on the trail in the woods around our farm and she loves it.  I think she would make a good hill topper or gallery horse, maybe even a fox hunter as she is quiet and listens.  However, that sport is not for me.  She is wonderful in the ring and loads of fun.  My daughter can jump her, but that isn’t my sport either as I am older and afraid of jumping now.  I don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to, so….

 Here she is grazing peacefully with her friends.  Sad to say, that this fall Sera will be up for sale as a dressage horse.  She will be good for a teenager or adult beginner and will do quite well in the shows.  I would love to keep her, but I have to stick to my plan of conditioning her and finding her a suitable home.  Whoever buys her will fall in love with her immediately.   I have 17 horses, some of which are minis, lesson horses and others for sale, such as TWH horses.  So as much as I love her I will have to let her go.  If I can:(

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