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Many of us take riding lessons to become better riders.  But have you realized that you are also transfering what you learn to your horse and therefore becoming also a trainer while your horse is improving?  Whether you take lessons on your instructors horses or you bring your own horse to a lesson, what you learn from then on will be the way you ride your horse or someone elses horse.  Neat huh?

So when you take your lesson, ask questions about riding theory: why, what, where and how does this particular skill you just learned help you and your horse.  Therefore, when you go back to apply a new skill to your horse that may not know what you are asking, you will be able to think thru the steps and teach it to your horse.   Lessons aren’t just for the rider.  On a well trained horse that knows more than the student, you may feel like you are the only one learning.  Still, what you learn is immediately transferred to your mount.  So, if you keep repeating a skill poorly, you are ‘retraining’ that well trained horse.  

Pick out a few books that explain the mechanics of riding.  This will help reinforce what your are learning hands-on with your instructor and you will be able to ask those questions in a way that he/she will be able to understand what it is you are asking.  Here are Baymount Farm, I have started creating lesson plans for my students so I will know what they have mastered and what they still lack.   This is another way of reinforcing a skill, because it opens they pathways of discussion.   

I serve a large area in the riding industry here in Statesville, NC.   I also serve riders from Hickory, Mocksville and Mooresville, NC.   When you are looking for riding instruction, pick a rider that has credentials: a certificate in riding instruction.  And ask them where there students come from.  Then you will know that the more diverse the riders are the more diverse the instructor is in teaching.   Also look for an instructor who continues to take lessons him/herself.   A good instructor will always be improving their own skills.  Consider it continuing education for their business.

For more on what I do, check out my website:   Have a safe and happy riding experience.

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