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I love to go trail riding.  Sometimes I get a little bored on the trail just walking along waiting for the next great place to trot or canter.  Last year I joined ACTHA.   That was a lot of fun and a great place to start learning to accomodate obstacles on the trial and have fun.  After a few trips going to ACTHA rides, I decided to bump it up to NATRC.  

I went to my first NATRC clinic to learn about some of the obstacles and what the judges were looking for as far as vet checks, etc.  I have to tell you that this has me entirely intriqued.  I cannot wait for my first NATRC trail ride where not only will my horse and I be judged on how well we do on the obstacles, but the vet will check my horse to see how well he does overall.  Now I am thinking that I need to use this to prepare me for endurance riding!

Here are some of the obstacles we were trained on:


                                                                         The trick to teaching this is to teach it on the ground FIRST before you saddle up your horse and ride.  There were tons more obstacles than I have here and we were each put into groups with an instructor to learn how to teach the horse to approach and accomodate the obstacles.  All in all it was a very good clinic.  Check out for more information on these trail rides, what to expect and where they are.    Baymount Farm is in the process of preparing some of these obstacles for training and will have a course open by mid summer for those interested in renting the facilities for training.   More information on this at

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