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Training for Scary Objects

You can have a “no worries” trail ride by teaching your horse to be calm around unknown objects.  Just how do you do this?  Here are a few good tips to help you have a safe and happy horse.

1.  Teach your horse from the ground first.  It doesn’t matter what the ‘scary object’ is, but it does matter that you and your horse are safe.  If your horse is really nervous to the point that he/she wants to run away, then start out in a round pen.  Go quietly, speak softly, avoid sudden movements and be reassuring with lots of pats and attaboys. 
2.  Start out with small objects that don’t make a lot of noise.  Give your horse plenty of time to look at and smell the object.  Encourage him/her to approach slowly while reassuring them all is ok. 
3.  As you approach larger objects and your horse refuses to get near it, try free lunging and lots of turns to encourage the horse to get closer.  Be sure and take lots of breaks.  The idea here is not to tire the horse or force him/her to go through it, but to learn that he is not allowed to keep refusing.  Take your time on this, it doesn’t have to happen all in one lesson.  Remember in this case, less is more. 
4.  If you find yourself frustrated and wanting to push too hard, then stop and find a trail obstacle clinic.  Lots of farms are offering training at reasonable prices to teach you and your horse how to handle just this type of training.  It is always better to get help than get hurt.
For more information on training the perfect trail horse  visit  or contact me at    704-902-7345

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