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This is a 2 year old spotted saddle horse I have been training the last six weeks.  When she came to me she had only learned a few ground manners and lead very well, stood for grooming, hoof cleaning and a bath.  She was a little pushy and didn’t really know her place with the handler yet.  However, she is such a quick learner and so compliant, that it took her no time at all to settle in to a regular routine.  Now look at her.  This is the 5th time I have ridden her and only the 2nd time on a trail.

Notice her little buck.  That was too cute.  She was so eager to get going after we saddled up it was all she could do to stand still for mounting.  She took to the trails like a trooper.   We walked for about an hour around fields, down roads, by barking dogs, road signs of all kinds, over bridges and the like.  She never even flinched.   That is what good training and a calm horse is all about.  She is sheer joy to ride.

I have a few more weeks to get her gait improved and will be spending a lot of time in the arena with her.  However, I know she will take to it with a great attitude.  Training is one of my all time favorite things to do.   I am constantly learning something new with each horse that comes to me.  Even with all the knowlege and experience I have behind me from clinics, lesson and what-not, I am still taught something by the horses that come here for training.  So I say, bring it on.

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