Baymount Farm breeds top-quality Tennesse Walking horses - Statesville, NC




Training is based upon the ability and adeptness of the horse.

Basic trail horse training for any breed includes:

  • basic ground manners
  • advanced leading & backing
  • stall manners
  • cross tying
  • ground tying
  • standing for grooming/saddling
  • accepting the bit
  • offering feet
  • trimming/bathing
  • trailer loading


    Basic round pen work is done to evaluate the horse’s needs, teaching the horse to focus on the handler and be submissive, desensitizing them to outside stimulus, flying and scary objects, stand when entagled,  move left or right upon request along with outside work to desensitize them to four wheelers, tractors, traffic, bicycles and dogs.


    Ring work includes standing for mounting, giving to the bit, moving forward, stopping, leg yields, gait changes, transitions, speed control, going over poles and around obstacles in a calm and relaxed manner.


    Trail training includes being able to handle woods, fields, highway traffic, neighborhoods, traveling alone or comfortably in groups and manuvering around obstacles, such as: logs, creeks, hairpen turns, gates,  terrain changes, joggers, bicycles and unexpected animals or riders. 


    If you plan to camp with your horse, they can be trained to accept the picket line or stake out (see video), and the pack rig.  Instruction is also available for the individuals wishing to learn about packing.


    Starting a young horse is available. Young horses start with basic ground manners and are moved up in training according to their attention level and abilities.  Emphasis is put on ground work, ground driving and bit acceptance.  Finishing the young horse includes round pen, some ring work and basics for trail training such as going over poles, through water and around obstacles before they are exposed to the trail.


    Instruction is available for the individuals wishing to learn about driving.  Carriage driving is another pleasurable way of enjoying your horse.  As with any discipline, a new area of horsemanship increases the versatility of your horse.


    Contact us, or call 704-876-6909, for information about any of our horses.